Fun with Bubbles

Did you know that this week is national Bubble Week?

So to help celebrate the fun. I have a couple activities you can do with your kiddos to help make school a bit more fun this week.

To get started we have a homemade super bubble recipe a couple craft ideas, a math and coloring sheet along with a little bit of science fun.


The Recipe

Here is the super bubble recipe :-) Let your kids help you make it and have them count the measurements with you. Using measurements with fun projects helps increase the skill and understanding of fractions.

The Craft #1 – Bubble Wands

You will need only two things for this fun craft :-)

Chenille Pipe Cleaners. you can find them at your local dollar store&
Pony Beads

Create a circle at one end and twist it closed. You then can add beads to the handle of the wand to give it pizazz.

The Craft #2 – Bubble Art

This is so much fun. You and the kids will have a blast.

You will need your bubble mixture
Food Coloring
White Paper

Fill the bottom of the bowl with some bubble mixture, add a couple drops of food coloring and have your kids blow through the straws into the bowl to create lots of bubbles.

Next lay a piece of white paper on top.

Take it off and you would have made some fine bubble artwork. :-)

A Math and coloring sheet

Can you count all the bubbles? Hint the correct number of bubbles is in the description of the printable worksheet below. :-)

42 Bubbles for math and to color


The Science – Video 1

Short little video for kids



Video #2 – More bubble Science :-)



Have fun everyone with these fun activities! I would love to hear how your bubble week went :-)

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