Printable – Lesson 7 of Ray’s Primary Arithmetic book

For all of you that are looking for the Primary math books that were used in the one room school rooms in the 19th century; Here is a printable version that I created for you to use. It is lesson 7. Yes, a child that was in first and second grade was learning about multiplication; and Division is introduced in lesson 8. Which we are putting together currently for you to use as well.

Follow the link below for the FREE online readable version for the lesson’s before this.

Math lesson 7 Ray’s Primary Arithmetic book

pic of lesson 7 Ray's Primary Arithmetic

I have also included an answer sheet.
These are printable and may be printed as many times as you need.

If you would like to view this particular lesson or any others in this book Click HERE
They are FREE to use online and are in readable form.

If you would like to purchase this whole set of Math Books Click HERE
On sale right now for $87.98

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